Paul Glazier


curriculum vitae


Born London 1965


1983 – 1984: Art foundation course,
Wimbledon School of Art, London
1984 – 1987: Fine Art B.A. (Hons.) Degree,
London University, Goldsmiths College.



Curated a show from the archives of the Elliott Halls Gallery in Amsterdam.
'A Moment in a Life'


Another article about my book 'Island Tides':

The book 'Island Tides' was published by Bluecoat Press:

'The Scotsman' newspaper published an article about my book 'Island Tides' and my connection with the island of Vatersay.


Street Level Photoworks made a film 'Island' as an introduction to my Hebridean photography.
This travelled with the Screen Machine through the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Photographs from the Hebridean series shown at The Centre for Creative Photography,
Jyväskylä, Finland

'Northwest Passage' exhibition of photos with David Gordon and Glyn Satterley, at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

'Island', film about my Hebridean photographs, travels the highlands and islands of Scotland with the 'Screen Machine' traveling cinema.

'Tribute', solo exhibition of photographs at the Vatersay village hall, Vatersay, Scotland

'Island', solo exhibition of photographs at the Barra and Uist Museum, Benbecula, Scotland.
Organised by Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow.

Supplied the soundtrack for Babeth VanLoo's performance 'My Liberation is Yours' at
West and Trixy in Den Haag.

Released the album 'Aviary'.


Presented 'Afro Samurai Afternoon' during Monoták's Electronic Extravaganza at Splendor, Amsterdam

Performed at Gaudeamus Music Festival in Utrecht with MonotŠk, including one solo composition and three other joint compositions and video projections.

Photographs exhibited in the ElliottHalls Gallery in Amsterdam.

Exhibited photographs of the Cambridgeshire countryside at Rayner's Farm Gallery in Cambridge.

Performed 'Ruin' during the Monoták@AUXXX evening at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam, with Sato Endo and Dirk Bruinsma.

Performed a live soundtrack together with other members of MonotŠk for the 1926 Japanese cult classic 'A Page of Madness' from director Teinosuke Kinugasa at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Groningen.


Performed a new audio/visual piece, 'Ruin', at the Vishal in Haarlem. Ruin was performed together with Dirk Bruinsma on sax and Sato Endo with movement.

Performed a new audio/visual piece, 'Repetition - till dusk', with Dirk Bruinsma at Sexyland, Amsterdam, during an event organised by MonotŠk.

Organised and led, with three other composers from MonotŠk, a series of workshops for the Studio Conducere Choir, in Lisbon, Portugal. This ended in a concert of the emerging pieces at Santo Antonio de Campolide.

Presented two audio-visual performances with Monoták at the Art Chapel in Amsterdam as part of The Warp series - (Dis)Engage and 'Body of Vapour'.

Performed ANT, my homage to Antonioni, with Thomas Myrmel, as part of Monoták and Steim's 'Electronic Extravaganza', at Splendor in Amsterdam. During the same evening my collaboration with Project 128 and other members of Monoták was also performed.


Presented two videos and played live with other members of MonotŠk during their 'Kerstták' evening at Splendor in Amsterdam.

The album 'Long Breath' was released.

'Time of Transition', a radioplay written by Bert Kommerij in collaboration with Glazier, Anat Spiegel, Thomas Myrmel and Florian de Backere, was performed live at WORM in Rotterdam and later broadcast by the Concertzender

An hour long programme of Glazier's work was broadcast on the Concertzender, Dutch national radio.

Hebridean photographs selected for exhibition at Museum nan Eilean, Stornaway, The Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

'Time of Transition', a radioplay written by Bert Kommerij in collaboration with Glazier, Anat Spiegel, Thomas Myrmel and Florian de Backere was performed live at Pakhuis de Zwijger,
in Amsterdam.

Performed 'Aviary', a live sound and projected-image installation at Splendor, Amsterdam, during Monoták and Steim's Electronic Extravaganza evening.

Book of photographs 'Vatersay 1985' is published by Café Royal Books.


Filmed and edited two promotional videos for the musician Miriam van Overlach.

Worked on various projects for the filmmaker Babeth VanLoo including editing a trailer for
her film 'Tzu Chi - Compassion in Action'

Music from 'Slow Static' was used in a promotional video for the design bureau UXUS.

Played live at Monoták's Music and Dance evening at OT301 in Amsterdam; a duo with saxophonist Dirk Bruinsma and with New York dancers Jeremy Nelson & Luis Lara Malvacias

Performed two new compositions with videos, with Thomas Myrmel during Monotáks Duo's in Stijl evening, at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam.

Photographs exhibited in the 12th Anniversary Exhibition at Gallery Vassie in Amsterdam.

The radioplay 'Date - a Tinder Opera' written by Bert Kommerij in collaboration with Anat Spiegel, Paul Glazier, Dirk Bruinsma and Ivo Bol, was performed live at the Llyod Hotel as part of Amsterdam's Hotelnacht. It was then broadcast on the Concertzender and Radio 4 as part of the programme Vrije Geluiden.


Performed, during an improvisation evening as part of the Oorsprong series of concerts in the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, together with Semay Wu, Ji Youn Kang and Aurélie Lierman.

Performance of 'A walk in the Nubra Valley around 10 o'clock' as part of the MonotŠk vs. Autechre evening at St. Jacob, Amsterdam.

Performance of Earth Murmur with Sato Endo around Anne Verhoijsen's installation 'Hands and Feet' at Lek Art Festival 2014.

Presentations of 'Body of Vapour', video, music and smoke installation, at Muiderpoort Theater, Amsterdam, for their 'Solar Nights' event and Monotak's 'Body of Vapour' evening.

An article about Glazier's photographs of the island of Vatersay was published on the website of Document Scotland.

Art works exhibited in the exhibition 'Full House' at Aeroplastics Gallery in Brussels.

Performance of '... and he fell instantly' audio-visual piece, at Splendor, Amsterdam, as part of Monoták's Monoták meets Looptail concert.


Vaious pieces from the album 'Skin' broadcast on Radio1 and the Concertzender, national Dutch radio.

Performance of 'Nana Canons' at Occii, Amsterdam, as part of Monoták's 'Vinyl Concert' evening.

Performance of 'Word' audio-visual piece, at OT301, Amsterdam, as part of Monotak's 'Words and Music' evening.

Specially comissioned photographs exhibited in community hall of the island of Barra, Scotland.

Collaboration with Babeth VanLoo with the design and realisation of her exhibition 'Feel the Pain, See the Gain, Baby!' at Arti, Amsterdam

Commissioned composition for a performance for AHK

Photo's shown at the Geelvinck museum, Amsterdam. Part of the 2013 Spring Snow exhibition.

Performance/installation 'Hawaiian Compression' at Arti, Amsterdam. As part of the FLAM3 performance art festival.

Performance/installation 'Hawaiian Compression' at outLINE, Amsterdam. Part of 24H Oost night.

Performance as part of the Oorsprong curators series, Tolhuistuin, in Amsterdam, with Jan Klug, Mario Cortizo and Sato Endo.

Solo exhibition, 'Dialogues', outLINE, Amsterdam


Performance of 'Phagocytosis' with Dirk Jan Jager,
De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

'Bright Noise' shown at OT301, Amsterdam as part of an evening presenting work from Monoták.

'Songs from the Milkwood' broadcast on the Concertzender, Dutch national radio

Performance of 'Leviathan', a collaboration with Dirk Jan Jager, Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Photos shown in 'Spring Snow' exhibition,
Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Music/sound design for Edit Kaldor's One Hour theatre piece.


Skin and Skin (Steam) video and sound installation,
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam during 'Museumnacht 2011'

'Leviathan', a collaboration with Dirk Jan Jager, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, during 'Museumnacht 2011'

'The Abyss' a collaboration with MaurÓcio IanÍs, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, during 'Museumnacht 2011'

The video Skin (Steam) was chosen for Hungry Eye Magazine's staff pick on their website:

Published 'Conspicuous Absence', a book of photographs taken in the U.A.E. in the spring of 2011.

Performed live at Arti, in Amsterdam,
to accompany Dirk Jan Jager's performance'Leviathan' during the FLAM festival of live art.

Tracks from In Someone Else's Play broadcast on The Blessing Force, Concertzender, Dutch national radio.


Photographs and sound installation 'Random Unions' at the Fatih Mosque in Amsterdam.

Exhibition of photographs from the book 'Island Memories' at the Vatersay and Barrra Heritage Centre in Scotland.


Publication of the books 'Island Memories'
and 'Site Works', a collaboratiion with the photographer Krystina Stimakovits.

Article over my work in the Gonzo Circus music magazine and a track from Flutter included on the Mind the Gap CD.

Tracks from Glider broadcast on The Blessing Force, Concertzender, Dutch national radio.

'Flutter', broadcast on Folio, Rdaio 2, Dutch national radio.


'Flutter', broadcast by the Concertzender, Brussels radio and played during the International Amsterdam Film Festival.

'Random Unions', (shorter version), radio piece, RadiaLx radio festival, Lisbon

'Yellow Brick Road Works', video and surround sound installation,
expolab, Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam


'Rare Essence', lambda prints and 'Yellow Brick Road Works' video and surround sound installation, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels

'Dorothy Squeezed', live sound performance
and video, Auxxx, Overtoom 139,


'Stripper', sound performance,
Mediamatic, Amsterdam

'Cross-section', a sound installation in the 'Tower', Cologne. Curated by Rafael von Uslar and Andy Lim of Darling Publications.

A two hour 'special' of Glazier's sound work broadcast by the Concert Zender, Dutch national radio.

Two performances/sound installations at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam:'Nana Canons' and 'Transparent Museum'.
Part of the RRSMCS radio project.

'Random Unions' A specially created sound piece for the RRSMCS radio project, Lisbon, lasting 16 hours. Other pre-existing sound works by Glazier were also broadcast during this project.


collaboration with John Berry and Bill Horist,
Alibi Room, Seattle

'Prayer of Metal' broadcast on NPS national Dutch radio.

Another Product,
The Cornerhouse, Manchester

‘Stadt Munchen Photo Biennale’
Gallery DIN, Groningen


'Boost in the Shell', here and here
De Bond, Bruges

Completed the film 'Journey to Fuga'
and started work on 'Yellow Brick Road Works'.


‘Journey to Fuga’, 60 minute sound-
composition broadcast in it’s entirety

on Radio 4 FM, Dutch National radio,

‘brug’, sound and video solo installation.

Platform –01, Amsterdam.

‘Fabriek’ sound piece for the exhibition
‘Het Fabriek’, Zaans Museum, Zaandijk near Amsterdam.

'kokend’ sound installation and performance, Cocagne, Amsterdam

‘Old George’, sound piece,
Radio Interference, web radio


File 2003, Sao Paolo, Brazil

‘Yellow Brick Road Works’, (prototype)
solo video installation / performance,
Oz, Cologne.

Brussels Art Fair,
Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery

Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg

, Sound piece commissioned by
Renée Kool for her installation
‘In Medias Res’, Cargo, Almere

Concert Zender, Dutch national radio
A one hour ‘special’ on my sound works.



Brussels Art Fair,
Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery

, collaborative project,
Galeria 35, Bucharest.

MAF Art Fair, Amsterdam
Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery

Galerie Claire Fontaine, Luxembourg
‘Wild Thing’

Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery,
Brussels, ‘Strip & Tease’.

Five Years Gallery, London
‘Entre Nous’, collaborative project.

Jim Beard Gallery, Christie’s
Amsterdam, ‘SOLD’

Art Kitchen, Amsterdam
‘Handle With Care’

Sound works broadcast on Brussels local radio.



Aktionsforum Praterinsel, Munich,
‘Blondies & Brownies’ part 2

'Cacophonic Lounge', collaborative project,
Outline Gallery, Amsterdam

Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery,
Brussels Art Fair & summer show.

Gallery Brute, Amsterdam
‘Sex,Crime & Comedy’

Warkstee, Adorp

George Enescu University, Rumania
‘Stadt Munchen Photo Biennale’

Jim Beard Gallery, Amsterdam,
‘The Incredible Shrinking Art Show’



Museum of Installation, London,
contributed to the ‘Box Project’.

Torch Gallery, Amsterdam,
‘Blondies & Brownies’.

Gallerie Stadt Munchen, Amsterdam,
‘Stadt Munchen Photo Biennale’.

Jim Beard Gallery, Lak Gallery, Leiden.

De Fabriek, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
‘Van Onderen’.

B2t/mB4 space, Amsterdam,
‘Lovely View – Lonely View’.

Room 212, Aukland, New Zealand,
‘Stadt Munchen Photo Biennale’.

Calcographie, Cologne,
(music collaboration with Judith Fleishman,
Tim Benjamin and Eduardo Gomez)

Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Gallery,
Brussels, ‘Surrender’