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This slideshow is compiled from photographs from the book 'Conspicuous Absence' which you can see at:
The music is my own, specially composed for this video.

"On his trip to the United Arab Emirates in the spring of 2011 Glazier was struck by the amount of abandoned building developments that litter the desert and emerging new cities. Already fascinated with building sites as transitional spaces, the scale of these abandoned expressions of wealth held extra poignancy for him. With his previous photographs of building sites the association has been made of theatrical sets where the curtain is about to rise, where there is a sense of latency. In these images there is a sense of latency lost, the sense that the Fata Morgana has been revealed for what it is. The already weathered bones of past aspirations gleam in the shiny shells of their predecessors; ruins rise from the desert belying the recent nature of these dreams. Endeavouring to capture the stark beauty of the landscape Glazier documents these concrete mirages as they begin their return to the desert."