Paul Glazier





The film 'Island' about my Hebridean photography, made with Street Level Photoworks,will be shown as part of a programme of films shown by The Screen Machine, in Scotland.



Due to delays in the renovation the exhibition in Oban has been delayed and will now open from August 20th until October 31st.

The concert in 'Het Orgelpark' in Amsterdam, for which I am composing a new piece for organ has, unfortunately been further postponed until next year.

'The Landing is the Arrival', collaborative audio visual composition and performance with Monoták, Muziek uit de Eerste Hand Festival, Het Veem , Amsterdam, postponed from 2020 will now take place on October 1st.


A date has been set for the exhibition of Hebridean phtographs at the recently renovated Rockfield Centre in Oban. It will run from July 31st through until October 24th 2021.

I had the great honour and pleasure of curating a show from the archives of the Elliott Halls Gallery in Amsterdam.
'A Moment in a Life'


My book of Hebridean photographs is now available at Bluecoat Press.

The concert at 'Het Orgelpark' in Amsterdam, for which I am composing a new piece for organ has, unfortunately been postponed until next autumn.


The Kickstarter was a great success and the book should be ready by the end of September.

Meanwhile 'The Scotsman' newspaper published an article about the book and my connection with the island.


Today I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a book of my photographs of the island of Vatersay. Follow this link to see the campaign and please consider supporting me.


Street Level Photoworks made a film 'Island' as an introduction to my Hebridean photography.
This travelled with the Screen Machine through the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.


Some of my Hebridean photos were shown at the Centre for Creative Photography,
Jyväskylä, FinlandMy sound piece 'Fabriek', which I composed out of recordings made in several factories in the Zaan district, can be heard at the exhibition 'De Fabriek als Kathedraal' 'The Factory as Catherdral' in the Zaans Museum from October 10th until Februari 2nd.


'Northwest Passage', exhibition of photos with David Gordon and Glyn Satterley, at The Lighthouse, Glasgow. 1st - 31st October.


Two exhibitions of my Hebridean photography coming up:


Coming up next Saturday in Utrecht is an evening of music by Monoták during the Gaudeamus Music Festival. I'm involved with four of the pieces including a new one that we have jointly

Next month there is also the Electronic Extravaganza at Splendor in Amsterdam where I will be performing a piece of my own.


Photographs of mine are being exhibited in the ElliottHalls Gallery in Amsterdam.


I will be performing with Nora Mulder, Dirk Bruinsma, Eric de Clercq and Bart de Vrees tomorrow in Der Aa-kerk in Groningen. We will be accompanying the Japanese silent film 'A Page of Madness', by Kinugasa from 1926.


Performed a new audio/visual piece, 'Ruin', at the Vishal in Haarlem. Ruin was performed together with Dirk Bruinsma on sax and Sato Endo with movement.

Performed a new audio/visual piece, 'Repetition - till dusk', with Dirk Bruinsma at Sexyland, Amsterdam, during an event organised by Monoták.

Organised and lead, with three other composers from Monoták, a series of workshops for the Studio Conducere Choir, in Lisbon, Portugal. This ended in a concert of the emerging pieces at Santo Antonio de Campolide. The idea is to take the material that we generated there and work it up into finished compositions. We will return to Lisbon next year and the will then perform these.


Presented two visual/audio performances with Monoták at the Art Chapel in Amsterdam as part of The Warp series - (Dis)Engage and 'Body of Vapour'.

Performed ANT, my hommage to Antonioni, with Thomas Myrmel, as part of Monoták and Steim's Electronic Extravaganza, at Splendor in Amsterdam. During the same evening my collaboration with Project 128 and other members of Monoták was also performed.

An exhibition of my Vatersay photographs is planned for next year at Street Level Photoworks Gallery in Glasgow. This will then travel round the islands and Highlands of Scotland in the form of a short film with 'Silver Machine'. After that it will come to Gallery Vassie in Amsterdam and beyond!


Presented two videos and played live with other members of Monoták during their 'Kerstták' evening at Splendor in Amsterdam.


'Time of Transition' will be performed live again at WORM in Rotterdam on the 24th November.

An hour long programme of my musical work was broadcast by the Concertzender, Dutch national radio. The programme can still be heard in their archives via this link.


Some of my Hebridean photographs have been selected for exhibition at Museum nan Eilean that opened on July 14th this year.


'Time of Transition', a radioplay written by Bert Kommerij, set to music by myself, Anat Spiegel, Thomas Myrmel and Florian de Backere was performed live at Pakhuis de Zwijger,
in Amsterdam.


The premier of the radioplay ' Time of Transtion' has been scheduled for June 17th at the Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. This will be part of the 'Europe by People ' events on Amsterdam's Java Island. After the success of 'Date - a Tinder Opera' this new radioplay is another collaboration between Monotak and the writer/radio programme maker Bert Kommerij.


Performed 'Aviary', a live sound and projected image installation at Splendor, Amsterdam, during Monoták and Steim's Electronic Extravaganza evening.


I peformed live with Dirk Bruinsma during Monoták's Music and Dance evening at OT301.
I was playing zither and electronics to Dirk's saxophone.

My Café Royal Book is out! Buy it here:


My new album Long Breath is out and can be listened to or downloaded at Bandcamp:


Tomorrow I will be presenting two new pieces during Monoták's concert 'Duos in Stijl' at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam. This will include two videos accompanied by music.


I've been invited to make a book of my 80's Vatersay photos for Café Royal Books to be published in January.


'Date - a Tinder Opera', written with Monoták and Bert Kommerij, was perfromed live at the Lloyd Hotel as part of Amsterdam's Hotelnacht. It was very enthusiastically received and I think we are all happy with the result.

Later today I will be going to the opening of Gallery Vassie's 12th anniversay show. I'm very happy to be invited to this show where my work will hang between some august company.


I performed during an improvisation evening as part of the Oorsprong series of concerts in Amsterdam, together with Semay Wu, Ji Youn Kang and Aurélie Lierman.


Here is a link to the performance of my piece 'Earth Murmur' for baritone guitar and the dancer Sato Endo around Anne Verhoisen's installation 'Hands and Feet' at LekArt 2014.

Also a link to a video of the presentation of 'Body of Vapour' at the Muiderpoort Theatre.


The performance of my piece 'Earth Murmur' for baritone guitar and the dancer Sato Endo around Anne Verhoisen's installation 'Hands and Feet' at LekArt 2014 went very well. I will upload a film of the performance soon.


I will be presenting 'Body of Vapour' again at Muiderpoort Theater in Amsterdam 14 June,
during a Solar Nights event.

There is an article about my photographs of the island of Vatersay on the website of Document Scotland.

The trailer that I have been editing for Omid Pourhashemi is now online here.


I have a piece of work in the Full House exhibition at Aeroplastics in Brussels.

The next show with Monotak is on May 18th at Muiderpoort theatre in Amsterdam.
I will be projecting the video of SKIN onto smoke. The piece is called 'Body of Vapour'


The last two concerts with Monotak went very well. The first one at Occii and last Sunday in Splendor. In Occii I had the chance to perform Nana Canons again. For the evening in Splendor I wrote a piece for the ensemle Looptail. It was for saxophone, clarinet, flute, cello and viola. They accompanied a video of mine that was projected above them. The hall was packed and people seemed very enthusiastic.


The Monotak series of concerts goes on. On the12th of June we performed at OT301, an evening of 'Music and Words'. The group performed a piece of mine called 'Word' that I had adapted for them in combination with a pre-recorded composition created out of audio samples of the word 'word' in 40 different languages gleaned from various international dictionaries from around the web.


I have a fair bit of new work that I haven't yet put on the site. That's something I hope to get down to soon, but in the meantime my new videos that I showed at Outline can be seen on Vimeo.


I've published a couple of new albums on CDBaby.

Last year I was working on the music for the theatre piece 'One Hour'. For the album 'Slow Static' I've put together some short compositions from the materia that I generated during that period. It's the most electronic sounding album that I've made. Although developed specifically for the theatre piece it was also an interesting way of extending my own musical vocabulary. The Album 'Skin' went in the other direction with a more acoustic sound, using cello and zither amongst other things. I had already started on some of the tracks when I received the theatre commission and it was interesting to come back to them afterwards and apply what I had learnt in the meanwhile.


A couple more performancs of 'Hawaiian Compression' coming up. First at Mediamatic as part of an evening with Monotak.

Here's also a link to an article over my proposed performance:

Then at Arti as part of the FLAM 4 festival:


Last night I did a short performance of my piece 'Hawaiian Compression' at outLINE as part of Amsterdam's 24 Hour Oost night.

Last week I greatly enjoyed improvising with two other musicians and a dancer as part of the Oorsprong Series In Amsterdam.

Here's a video of the performance:


The opening of Dialogues at outLINE went well with a good turn out despite the snow.

Here's a video of Marianne's performance of 'Repetition' for the opening:


'Bright Noise' will be played at OT301 in Amsterdam on Sunday 2 December as part of a Monotak presentation. Monotak being the composers collective of which I am now a member. You can find more information about Monotak on the website:


Here's information about the One Hour performance for which I did the music/sound design.


I am now working on the music for a theatre piece called 'One Hour' by Edit Kaldor.
The music is fairly central to the piece and is coming together very much in collaboration with Edit.

I have been invited to show a slide-show of some of the photographs from 'Conspicuous Absence' at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille next year.
I have already posted a version on Vimeo although this is prbably not the final version for this show. The show will be running from June through to January 2012 and the theme is Babel.


Last week during museumnacht in the Oude Kerk I showed an installation of my videos, Skin and Skin (Steam). Skin was projected on the stone slabs of the church creating another layer of skin. It looked great.

I was also creating the music live for two performances.
One was for Dirk Jan Jager's performance, Leviathan.
The other for Maurício Ianês and his performance Babel.
You can hear the audio I made for this on Soundcloud.


The video Skin (Steam) has been chosen for Hungry Eye Magazine's Staff pick on their website:


Published 'Conspicuous Absence', a book of photographs taken in the U.A.E. in the spring of 2011.

Back in February tracks from 'In someone else's play' were played on the Concertzender.

More recently I created a sound-scape live for Dirk Jan Jager's performance
during the FLAM festival of live art at Arti in Amsterdam.


I have completed two new CDs.
'Stories for Dusk' and 'In someone else's play'


This weekend there is an exhibition of contemporary art at the Fatih Mosque on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. I have created a new version of 'Random Unions' for a sound installation there and some of my 'skin' series are being shown. A great initiative from a friend of mine Jaap Kapteyn who, with various projects, is constantly busy trying to encourage inter-cultural contact.


The exhibition of photographs from the book Island Memories (see below)
is now up in the Barra and Vatersay Heritage Centre and will be there until the autumn. It's great to be able to show these photos in the community where I took them all those years ago.

There is also an interview with me and an article about the exhibition in this year's edition of the HEB glossy magazine.


At the end of last year I completed a couple of books which I published on Blurb.

Click on the icons below to preview the books.
Be sure to use the 'full screen' option.

'Site-Works' - a collection of photographs which I put together with
Krystina Stimakovits:

Photo book
By Paul Glazier Kryst...

'Island Memories' - a collection of photographs taken in the Outer Hebrides between 1982 and 1985. This is also in conjunction with an exhibition that will take place at the Barra and Vatersay Heritage Centre, opening sometime in April. All profits from this book will go to the Vatersay and Barra Historical Society.

Photo book
corrected version
By Paul Glazier



There is an article about my work in this month's issue of Gonzo circus music magazine. Also a track from Flutter has been included on the Mind The Gap CD that accompanies the magazine.

I have also set up a MySpace page where you can listen to a selection of my music.


I've updated the web-site.

There is new work to be seen in my series section.
Namely the Dormant, Mirror-skin
and Mirror series.

These last two are a further development of my Skin photo and video series .

Two new audio pieces appear in the sound section:
Songs from the Milkwood, and Glider.

I also rediscovered a photo from the 'whilst waiting' series which I have added to the set.


Seems to be FLUTTER week! Not only was a piece from the CD played on Brussels web-radio 'Sounds and Emotions', but practically the whole CD was broadcast on Concertzender. You can listen to the broadcast by going to, clicking on 'programmas gemist & podcasts' and then in the Nieuwe Muziek theme section choose Nieuwe Muziek Actua and go to Monday the 13th October.


Last month I had some sound pieces played during the radio festival RadiaLx in Lisbon. I created a shorter version of 'Random Unions' for the event, the two CDs being split into 13 shorter tracks to be shuffled this time. This was played several times during the festival.

My new CD 'FLUTTER' will be played during the International Amsterdam Film Festival which takes place from the 16th to the 19th October. I assume this will take place during the intervals between films.


I've uploaded some recent work to the site.

In the sound and video section there are three more works:
'LAND', 'Bright Noise' videos and 'Flutter', a new selection of audio works.

In the series section you can see my 'Skin' series - a project I am still working on and am developing into a video. Also fairly recent is my 'Whilst Waiting' series where I am making use of a friend's wonderful Hasselblad and finally 'Residual Memories'.


My 'Yellow Brick Road Works' video installation was shown as part of the Expolab series at Meneer de Wit in Amsterdam. I was very happy with the setup and had some very positive responses.


Some work of mine will be hanging in the next exhibition at Aeroplastics Gallery
in Brussels. The opening is on the 27th of September and the show runs through until November 3rd. The show is called 'Rare Essence'. 'Yellow Brick Road Works' will also be shown.


Two weeks ago I was invited to take part in DNK's close of the season concert at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. I chose samples from a wonderful recording I have of myself stripping the wallpaper off my studio's walls - a delicious sound! Hence the title:'Stripper'. These samples I then treated live using LiSa and Logic software. It was a short performance of seven minutes as were all the performances that night and I feel it went pretty well.

I will be performing again on July 14th at 301 Overtoom in Amsterdam. I have been asked to do a shorter, live version of 'Yellow Brick Road Works'. Instead of re-cutting the video I have simply speeded it up so that the original 98 minutes is compressed into 30. I will be treating samples from the film live using LiSa and Logic again, creating a 'sound-track' for this rather frenetic version. The performance will be called 'Dorothy Squeezed'.


Last week I set up a sound installation in the 'Tower' exhibition space in Cologne. Curated by Rafael von Uslar and Andy Lim of Darling Publications, the show took place in what is literally a tower during the Cologne art-fair 21st-23rd April. On each of the four floors one of my sound pieces was played, reflecting different aspects of my work - those based on field recordings, those extracted from vinyl, sound tracks for video and where the sound was part of an installation. I was very happy with the result and it was interesting how well the sound gelled with the greatly differing work of the other artists. I called the installation 'Cross-section' and it worked not only as a cross-section of my work but also as a cohesive element and axis for the exhibition as a whole.



I have included a few more audio and video clips on my 'sound' page added a few more links and updated my c.v. - so take a look!



Apart from the programme tomorrow on 'De Concertzender' there will be a live broadcast next week, Saturday 03 February, 16:00 - 18:00, from the Stedelijk Museum here in Amsterdam. This will be the realisation of a long cherished project of mine to play some, albeit a fraction, of a collection of l.p.s that I've been putting together with Simon Ferdinando over the last few years. All the l.p.s are the same - Nana Mouskouri's 'Mouskouri International' and we now have over 100 of them! The guys from RRSMCS radio who are organizing various radio events at the Stedelijk have provided us with 10 turntables on which to layer up Nana into a lovely canonic lather!

Directly after my set which will occupy the first of the two hours, Ivo Bol will be playing ten different versions of Holst's 'Planets' simultaneously which should also sound interesting!

I have made some other pieces for th RRSMCS radio project but at the moment I don't know when they will be stay tuned!

You can listen at:



There will be a two hour special of my sound pieces on The Concert Zender, national Dutch Radio, on the 29th January 20:00 - 22:00. You can listen by clicking on the following link:
Choose the concertzender classic option and then click on 'luister live'.
The programme will include the full 74 minute stereo version of 'Yellow Brick Road Works'. Hopefully they will be broadcasting the full 5.1 surround sound version later in the year. Also an extract from 'Journey to Fuga' and three new pieces will be part of the selection.

A short piece of mine will be broadcast on national Dutch radio on 26th December during NPS Folio 00:00 - 01:00.

I understand that you should be able to access the programme for a while on the web-site.

Unfortunately my shows at the Mineral Museum have been cancelled for now since the whole of the Ruhrland Museum is moving location and they have no time or budget for other events at the moment. They still seem enthusiastic though so hopefully another time.

A couple of proposals of mine have been accepted for the 'Radio Tinnitus' event to take place in the Stedelijk Museum here in Amsterdam in the next three months. I will post more details when I know them.